TVR to be revived?


Are TVR returning from the dead? Again?

A new page on TVR's official website now reads "website launches soon." This was pointed out by TVR Blog who also claim that TVR could show a new car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed if not sooner. It's also rumored that the new car will be powered by a yet to be determined American-sourced V8.

Another possibility is that TVR will relaunch the Sagaris, which is pictured on the website, with the aforementioned American power. We've seen this type of song and dance before though. Back in 2008, TVR showed a slightly updated Sagaris 2 claiming that production would resume within a year. This was never to be.

After Russian owner Nicolay Smolensky put TVR in to administration in 2007, it was announced the company was to be sold to Florida businessmen Adam Burdette and Jean Michel Santacreu who intended to begin exporting TVRs to the US. This deal never went through and it was revealed that Smolensky was still the owner of the TVR name.

Hopefully this is the real deal. The world is certainly a less interesting place without TVR.

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