Spotted in the Wild: Battle-Hardened 240Z


The first edition of Spotted in the Wild has a track-prepped Japanese classic.

Since moving to Southern California, I've noticed that many of the cars you see around are, erm, a little different than the cars you might see back East. It's not something I can quite put my finger on either. Sure, you see tuned, exotic and just plain strange cars all over the world, but SoCal seems to be a special place as far as car culture goes.

And with in mind, that I bring you the first edition of Spotted in the Wild. As you've no doubt surmised this is where I take a picture of a weird, unique or rare car and post it right here on Drive Cult.

Some would call it a POS. I would call it battle-hardened. This 240Z was spotted parked in front of my local Wienerschnitzel. The primer paint job, roll cage, aluminum wheels and big stonking chrome exhaust pipe scream "don't eff with me on a track day." Unfortunately, from the looks of it, I don't think it would pass a track day inspection. Think there's a small block under the hood?