Spotted in the Wild Special: Classic Porsches at Goodwood Deutsch Marques Breakfast

Outlaw Porsche 356

Classic Porsches out in force at Goodwood

The Penultimate Goodwood Breakfast Club meet of the year was themed around cars from Germany. Not surprisingly, Porsches made up a large contingent of the themed cars present, and I'm pretty sure there was at least one example of every type of Porsche model present including most of the sub types of 911.

Probably the  rarest model was a 964 Turbo Flatnose (according to Wikipedia there were only twenty seven Rest of the World Models made). 

Classic 911s have shot up considerably in value in the last few years and there were a number of nicely restored examples including a blue E and viper green S. Another example sported a capped over race silencer and I believe was the same loud example I passed on the Autoroute back from the Le Mans Classic. 

As an alternative to an early 911, a 914/6 makes an interesting proposition. I suspect the example here complete with flared GT arches has been built out of a cooking 914, but it is still a very cool looking car.

There were plenty of 356s including several Outlaw custom examples. One particular example in a vivid shade of matt orange caught my eye. It perhaps would have been more at home parked by a Californian beach with a surf board strapped to the roof, but still looked the part on a cold November day in Sussex. It was my car of the day.

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