New Ferrari 599 GTO Shots


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This is more like it. What we have here are what appear to be some bona fide spy shots of Ferrari's forthcoming 599 GTO. Not that the one from Tuesday wasn't real, but these don't appear to have been hastily stuffed down someone's pants. Like the 599XX, this particular car has an exposed carbon fiber roof. Under the vented hood is a V12 that should have somewhere around 700 hp. Weight is expected to be reduced by around 300 lbs. Whatever the official specs turn out to be, it's safe to assume the 599 GTO will go like stink.

What is purportedly an options list was also leaked earlier this week. According to the list, the 599 GTO will start around $430,000, and the cost of some of the options would make the Sultan of Brunei's butt pucker.

-Jamie Wolfcale