Mercedes unveil the Concept Style Coupe

Mercedes Concept Style Coupe to be unveiled in Beijing

Concept previews a new A Class based four door coupe

Over the last few years the German premium brands have been determined to fill every single motoring niche with products.  The latest niche to get there attention is what the team at the excellent have christened the Shatchbacks, or in other words saloons (sedans) based on hatchbacks.

At first this may seem an odd decision as these are usually the most uncool of cars (remember the Vauxhall Belmont?) and in the UK at least brought by, shall we say, people of advancing years. In the  US and far east however these Shatchbacks, led by the students favourite VW Jetta, sell in far bigger numbers than the hatchbacks that sired them so it was perhaps inevitable that Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz would show an interest in this segment.

Audi have already shown a booted A3 in concept form (which in typical Audi style looks like a smaller A4), while BMW are said to be developing a four door version of the 1 Series. At next week's Beijing show Mercedes will unveil the Concept Style Coupe (CSC).

The CSC is built on the same Mercedes MFA architecture that has already been seen in the third generation A class hatchback and B class MPV. Rather than simply add a boot to the A class, Mercedes have given their Shatchback a trendy four door coupe look inspired by the larger Mercedes CLS.

In concept form the CSC packs a 2.0 litre turbocharged four cylinder engine producing 208bhp, and four wheel drive. Being a concept it also pack outlandish 21" wheels and and over stylised interior with lots of green back lighting.

Underneath the styling trinkets the CSC looks fairly close to a production reality and expect a production version (possibly badged CLA) to debut next year. Engines will be a mix of four cylinder petrol and diesel models and both front and four wheel drive. A high powered AMG version is also likely.

By bringing the four door coupe asthetic to the A3 and 1 series price bracket,  the CSC/ CLA will likely be a big hit with twenty and thirty something professionals, and be a regular site in corporate car parks in the next few years.