New details emerge on Forza Horizon


New Forza spin off revealed as an open world driving simulator.

Forza Horizon is set to be officially shown tomorrow at E3, but now a few new screenshots and details about Turn 10's new spin off have been leaked. According to German fansite Forza Life, Forza Horizon will be an open world driving simulator set in Colorado. This new environment is expected to be vast (just look at those screenshots!) and will feature dynamic day to night cycles and 65 different types of terrain including some off-road routes. The expansive world will also feature gas stations, car dealerships, paint shops and even an airport at which players will be able to fly a plane! 

A few developers have made attempts at open world sand box games with a focus on driving before (you could argue that the Grand Theft Auto series falls in to this category, but they focus on driving about as much as John Wayne Gacy did), but none have really lived up their potential. Will Forza Horizon be the game changer? Is this the game in which we finally get to sit in Denver rush hour traffic? A vast open world to explore with Forza's excellent physics engine sounds like a winning combination and we can't wait to see it. Drive Cult will be at E3 this week where we'll get a hands on look at what Forza Horizon has to offer. Stay tuned.