Porsche Launches Le Mans 2014 Microsite


The most winning manufacturer in race history is returning to Le Mans next year. Porsche celebrates their return with a new microsite.

Endurance racing geeks have been waiting for the return of Porsche the LMP1 class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans for going on ten years now. Now, the wait is almost over. Porsche will take on Audi juggernaut and the new comers from Toyota next year.

The new microsite features a bit of a history lesson and some new high resolution pictures of the of the LMP1 sport prototype, putting in some hot laps at Porsche’s test track at their Weissach headquarters. It looks like the site will be continuously updated in the lead-up to next year's race so if might be worth checking back in.

Via GT Porsche on Twitter