Regents Street Motor Show

Veteran Darracq at the Regents Street Motor Show

Big crowds see veteran cars and the latest machinery in the heart of London

1st November 2014 saw one of London’s busiest shopping streets closed off for the Regents Street Motor Show. Large crowds turned out to see a display of cars through the ages. The biggest draw were the entrants in the London to Brighton veterans car run. The entrants to the run were lined up down both sides of the street and the public were allowed to get up close to these Edwardian marvels.

At the Piccadilly Circus end of Regents Street was a corral of Ford Mustangs, no doubt there to mark the impending launch of the 2015 Mustang in the UK. At the other end of the street was a line up of each version of the Porsche 911 Turbo. A small manufacturers display saw classicly styled Morgans lined up next to the ultra modern Tesla Model S.

There were celebrities too as TV’s Ed China (Wheeler Dealers) and Wayne Carini (Chasing Classic Cars) were amongst the crowd, as was former Ferrari and Mercedes F1 supremo Ross Brawn.

Even they could now draw attention from the veteran cars though, and one 1897 Panhard et Levassor was of particular interest to Drive Cult. More about that in a forthcoming feature.