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Andreas Preuninger Discusses What Makes the New 911 GT3 So Great

The 991 GT3 a much less analogue car than we’re used to from Porsche’s GT division. Concerns over the new PDK gearbox with no option for a manual, rear wheel steering and an electo-hydraulic power steering pump were all prelaunch causes for concern. However, since reviews for the 991 GT3 started rolling in, car journalists have seen the light and have been looking to their thesauruses to find new ways to describe just how good a car can be, but who better to describe what makes this car so special than Andreas Preuninger?

Preuninger has been the team manager for every GT car that Porsche has built over the last few years and in this video he describes just what went in to making this car so special. It's all done over a soundtrack of that amazing 3.8 liter boxer six bouncing off the 9000 rpm rev limiter.


EVO Magazine Pits Porsche 911 GT3 Against the McLaren 12C and Nissan GTR

Considering how long it's been around, it's sometimes easy to forget that the Porsche 911 really doesn't have any natural rivals. In this video, EVO throws two very different cars at the 991 GT3 in the form of the McLaren 12c and the Nissan GTR. Yes, all three are intended to be driven very rapidly, but beyond that there’s not a lot of common ground here. All three have their engines mounted in different locations. We have a normally aspirated flat-six, a turbo-charged V6 and a turbo charged V8. Only the GTR puts power down to all four wheels, while the other two are rear-wheel drive. The GT3 and GTR are pretty close to each other in price, but the 12c is in another galaxy. Yet, when they come together, it all makes sense. Watch EVO’s Jethro Bovington take all three through their paces on track and in the Austrian Alps.

Up Close With the 991 911 GT3

Forget the fact that it won't be available with a manual transmission. The new GT3 is a seriously desirable car. We got a closer look at this year's New York Auto Show.


Onboard at the Nurburgring 24 hours with FIM Rennsport’s Alessandro Cremascoli

Normal service will be resumed at Drive Cult in a few weeks, but right now we are all still buzzing from our trip to the Nurburgring 24 hours.  You will recall that the SP10 class Porsche 911 GT3 of FIM Rennsport proudly carried the Drive Cult  logos during the race. Here we have some onboard footage of the car, showing the final lap of driver Alessandro Cremascoli's first stint in the car. The tyres are clearly a little past their best as there is a very lurid oversteer moment at the beginning of the video. Alessandro has also posted a video of his night stint here. Alessandro prefers the night time as he was 21 seconds faster than in the daytime lap.

Sadly as we have already reported the car did not finish the race following a collision with an Aston Martin during the night.

We would like to thank Alessandro and FIM motorsport for letting us sticker up their car and for these videos.