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EVO Magazine Pits Porsche 911 GT3 Against the McLaren 12C and Nissan GTR

Considering how long it's been around, it's sometimes easy to forget that the Porsche 911 really doesn't have any natural rivals. In this video, EVO throws two very different cars at the 991 GT3 in the form of the McLaren 12c and the Nissan GTR. Yes, all three are intended to be driven very rapidly, but beyond that there’s not a lot of common ground here. All three have their engines mounted in different locations. We have a normally aspirated flat-six, a turbo-charged V6 and a turbo charged V8. Only the GTR puts power down to all four wheels, while the other two are rear-wheel drive. The GT3 and GTR are pretty close to each other in price, but the 12c is in another galaxy. Yet, when they come together, it all makes sense. Watch EVO’s Jethro Bovington take all three through their paces on track and in the Austrian Alps.

2013 New York Auto Show

The New York Auto Show recently wrapped up, but we had it all to ourselves before the show floor opened to the public on the last day.