New York Man Gets Ticketed For Not Riding Bike In Bike Lane, Makes Video of Him Crashing In Protest


Casey Neistat might be our new hero, and all he had to do was get a ticket and crash into stuff on his bike.

Despite our love of cars, many of the staff here at Drive Cult have been known to hop on these strange two-wheeled, 1 hp (human power) machines called bikes. Benefits include not having to put fuel in them, cheaper maintenance and not taking up too much space in your garage that could otherwise be used for cars. Drawbacks include fatigue while operating, slow speeds and the threat of stupid people in cars crashing into you.

Casey Neistat, a seemingly average bike commuter in New York City, was ticketed for not riding his bike in a designated bike lane. In protest, he filmed this video of himself crashing into the various obstacles that liter the paths of bike lanes all across the city. Watch the video to see how it all turns out.


Casey Neistat via Minds

h/t Jason Noble