On road in the Ferrari 599 GTO with Evo Magazine

The Ferrari 599 GTO

Monkey gets a ride in the 599 GTO, makes video of it.

Evo Magazine's Chris Harris recently got the chance ride shotgun in a 599 GTO around Ferrari's Fiorano test track, and then take it for a spin on the local roads around Maranello. It case you've forgotten, the 599 GTO is the fastest road-going Ferrari ever to roll out of the factory doors. Its 6-litre V12 produces 670bhp and it saves a very useful 430lbs over the 599 GTB.

It's hard to imagine anyone being disappointed by a car such as the 599 GTO, and you can count Chris Harris among the ranks of the impressed. As you would expect it's devastatingly quick, but the GTO still has a few surprising elements. As Harris finds out, it's not just a track day toy like the 599XX but is also very easy and comfortable to drive at low speeds, a trick that Ferrari seems to have perfected over the past decade.

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