Lancia Stratos Reborn


The latest on the privately-funded re-imagined Stratos.

The new Stratos has been making big waves recently, and it's not hard to see why. If you had unlimited funding and resources at your disposal and a keen desire to recreate your favorite somewhat obscure sports car from the 1970s, you would, wouldn't you? Make no mistake, however, this is not some backyard project. The aluminum chassis is a shortened version of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia's and the motor comes from the same car, tweaked to produce 532 hp. Much of the engineering work as well as the styling has been carried out by Pininfarina.

Like most privately-funded hairbrained automotive endeavors, this one comes from a father-son pairing. Michael Stoschek is the chairman of the German parts supplier Brose and this re-imagined Stratos is the brainchild of he and his son Michael. Needless to say, the styling is absolutely stunning, and strikes a perfect balance between being instantly recognizable as a Stratos yet also thoroughly modern.

Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo had a chance to give it spin (which can be viewed here) and seemed to like it. "Bellisima" was his reaction as he got out. They also gave Evo Magazine's John Barker a chance to drive it and you can read his impressions here. Pricing is yet to be determined, but it will probably be a case of if-you-have-to-ask...