The Toyota RV-2 was a shooting brake camper trailer hybrid

Photo by Toyota

Business in the front. Party in the back.

Some things are just too beautiful for this world. Among them, you can count the Toyota RV-2. Introduced at the 1972 Tokyo Auto Show, the RV-2 concept combined the best parts of a two-seater sports car with the nomadic convenience of a camper trailer.

From the B-pillar forward it was a sharply styled Japanese GT car, but aft of that, featured two fold out clamshell panels to make a four-person tent. It was built on the Toyota Crown platform and powered by a 130-hp 2.6-liter straight six channeling power through a five-speed manual. It’s pretty much long-haul driving nirvana—from Toyota of all places.

After its debut in Tokyo, Toyota distributed brochures to gauge interest of the RV-2 in the US, but in the end there wasn’t enough for a production run. We would encourage Toyota to revisit the idea. We’re thinking a long wheelbase FRS/FT86 with the same pop-up camper roof and integrated barbeque grill.