12 Hours of Bathurst Live Stream


GT and touring cars take to Australia's gnarliest track for 12 hours.

Watching any race at Bathurst is a pretty epic affair. The Australian track, situated 200km from Sydney, starts with a steep climb up Mount Panorama and then quickly becomes a diabolical series of twists, turns, crests and compressions.  

After descending back down the mountain, drivers face a high speed straight where cars sometimes have big accidents. Add a field of GT and Touring cars for 12 hours and you have the makings for some outstanding racing. Lucky for you, the race is also streaming live on the official race website.

Audi swept the front row in qualifying in two R8 LMS GT3s, but like every other endurance race for the last decade, there's a smattering of Porsche 911 GT3s at their heels. Click the link below to ruin any plans you have to run errands today.

[Bathurst 12 Hour]