Geneva Preview: Jaguar XKR-S


Jaguar goes hardcore with the spectacular new XKR-S

Jaguar is taking next week's Geneva Auto Show as an opportunity to unveil perhaps its most exciting XK to date. The XKR-S will be the fastest Jaguar since the XJ220, with a top speed of 186 mph and 0-60 of 4.2 seconds. The supercharged V8 produces 550 hp and 502 lb ft  of torque. Expect the XKR-S to have some fairly hardcore handling traits to go along with its aggressive looks.

Much more information about the XKR-S will be made available next week, but if the info we have so far is anything to go by, then it looks like Jaguar will be looking to capture some of the same mojo that Porsche has been able to catch in recent years with its RS models.