Goodwood Supercar Sunday Breakfast


Photos from Goodwood's annual Supercar Sunday.

Fine weather brought out a huge number of Supercars and an equally huge crowds for Goodwood's annual Supercar Sunday. Previous years have been marred by heavy traffic conjestion trying to getting into the circuit, but a revised entry route and compulsory pre registration of themed cars kept removed much of the problem and your author actually drove straight into the circuit and onto the grid display with only the briefest of holdups.

Modern supercars dominated the display car with a large contingent of Ferrari 458s and Mclaren 12C's in attendance. There were two examples of the new Ferrari F12berlinetta both brought by Ferrari main dealers.  There were a few classics through into the mix and a few cars that stretched the definition of supercar (whatever that is anyway), but all in all it was a very enjoyable day.

The gallery has a selection of the cars on display. Pictures by author and Robert Denton who also has this mega gallery from the event and the classics at Christchurch quay event held on the same day.