Lamborghini Gallardo Replacement Spotted Testing at the Nürburgring


Code named Cabrera, Lamborghini’s successor to the decade-old Gallardo is coming soon.

RSR Nürburg recently caught a prototype of Lamborghini’s replacement for the Gallardo pounding around the Nordschleife. There’s not a lot we can glean through the cladding over the bodywork, but going by the sound, we can definitely say it will be powered by a V10. Not exactly earth-shattering news, but it definitely sounds great.

According to World Car Fans, it’s called the Cabrera (for now at least), and is indeed powered by a V10 producing somewhere north of 600 horsepower. It will also use the same underpinnings as the next Audi R8. Power will be channeled through all four wheels initially, but as with the Gallardo, there will be special editions further down the road with rear-wheel-drive.

Now in its tenth year of production and with over 10,000 sold, there’s no question the Gallardo has been a huge success for Lamborghini and its VW/Audi parent group. With a few facelifts and a continuing parade of special editions, they’ve kept the baby Lambo relevant in its old age. However when compared to younger, fresher rivals like the Ferrari 458 and McLaren 12C, it’s clear that the Gallardo replacement can’t come soon enough.