Classic cars and cake make for a fun Sunday morning


A new event in London brings together classic cars, modern supercars with homemade cakes for Sunday morning meets.

The number of classic car events seems to be increasing exponentially. Classics and Cake is one of these new events and takes place at the premises of classic car specialist Duke of London in Brentford, West London. It's held once a month, and the team at Duke of London, together with friend of Drive Cult Hannah Burgess, put on copious amounts of coffee and Hannah's homemade cake for London's classic car fraternity. For the second event on the 19th April the team were joined by the food truck/ambulance of Le Swine, providing some of the best bacon sandwiches that this author has tasted.

The cars in attendance are usually an eclectic mix of classic American hot rods, British sports cars and Italian GTs, mixed with a smattering of modern supercars. Classics and Cake events are open to all, and even it you're not particularly interested in the cars it's worth going just for Hannah's now-famous Green & Blacks triple chocolate brownies.