Kobayashi gets his own Caterham


Kobayashi has become a crowd favorite in F1 by giving hell to drivers with big budget teams. A special edition Caterham should suit him perfectly.

The rabid badger you’ve been watching race on Sunday mornings, better known as Kamui Kobayashi, is getting his very own special edition Caterham.  It’s called, rather predictably, the Kumui Kobayashi special edition, and was designed using input from the man himself.

It’s based on the Caterham Seven 250 R and uses the same 125-hp 1.6-liter Ford Sigma engine and 6-speed gearbox. The sprint to 60 is dispatched 5.9 seconds.

The most obvious change is the replacement of the passenger seat with an aluminum tonneau cover making it, like Kobayashi’s weekend wheels, a single seater. Also unique is the gloss black paintjob on the fuselage and green lacquer finish on the wheel arches. The nose wears a number 10—Kobayashi’s F1 driver number.

Inside, there’s a carbon fiber dash (to be hand signed by Kobayashi) and sports seat with the requisite Kobayashi logo and 4-point Takata harness.

Only ten will be built, all of which will be sold in Japan for ¥6,000,000. No word yet on a Marcus Ericsson edition Caterham for Sweden.