Jaguar Celebrates 75th Anniversary With Free E-Book


Fantastic pictures and intriguing historical facts to bore your friends with await in Jaguar's free e-book.

2010 is Jaguar's 75th anniversary and as a gift to everyone with internet access, they're offering a free to download e-book. Inside you'll find gorgeous high resolution pictures of the companies most famous cars (the XK120, XKSS, and E-Type are all present but the X-Type is notably absent) and key company figures such as Peter Lyons, Malcolm Sayer and Ian Callum. 

You'll also notice that Jaguar couldn't resist taking a gentle prod at Ferrari. On one page, they include a quote from Enzo Ferrari in which he states that the E-Type is "the most beautiful car ever.". Right on, Enzo.

The book is available for download at, or on iTunes.